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The Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

The Dangers Of DIY Teeth Whitening

A GOOD-LOOKING SMILE with white, even teeth is a major confidence booster and really helps make a good first impression, whether you’re going on a date or sitting down for a job interview. The widespread desire for whiter teeth in today’s society, combined with internet culture, has given rise to a number of popular do-it-yourself teeth whitening methods. While these might seem like great life-hacks to try, many of them can actually do serious damage to our teeth.

Sugar, Its Many Aliases, and Your Teeth

WHAT COMES TO MIND when you hear the word “sugar”? Probably your favorite type of candy or dessert, maybe your favorite soda. You probably didn’t picture barbecue sauce, granola bars, flavored yogurt, or fruit juice, but all of these and plenty more foods you wouldn’t suspect are loaded with sugar. That isn’t great news for our oral health.

The Impact of Diabetes on Teeth and Gums

ONE OF THE MOST common complications of diabetes is gum disease, and that isn’t the only way diabetes is hard on teeth and gums. Diabetes and oral health have a close relationship. If the diabetes isn’t carefully controlled, it will be much harder to maintain good oral health, and vice versa.

Common Toothbrush Mistakes To Avoid

MAINTAINING GOOD DENTAL health isn’t just about the quantity of your brushing — it’s also about the quality. There are several mistakes many of us make when brushing our teeth, whether because we’re using the wrong tools or because we’re using the right tools the wrong way.

How Does Swimming Affect Teeth?

HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED any extra sensitivity in your teeth after a fun afternoon swimming? You aren’t imagining things, though it usually takes more than just one trip to the local pool before there are any effects. But what does swimming have to do with tooth sensitivity?

Defeating Your Dental Anxiety

FOR PEOPLE WITH DENTAL anxiety the prospect of an appointment with the dentist can be so intimidating that they’d rather suffer tooth pain in silence than get it treated. That’s why we’re dedicating this post to helping our patients triumph over their dentist-related fears!

DePauw Research on Smiles

According to a study at DePauw University in Indiana, people who smile often are more likely to have healthy marriages!

George Kingsley’s Birthday

The Team planned a surprise lunch to celebrate Dr. Kingsley yesterday! He had a Birthday over the weekend.

Tammie Kingsley’s Birthday

We celebrated Tammie yesterday, for her Birthday. She loves when she can wear her crown at the office.

Advanced Cerec Training Course

Dr. Kingsley & Ashley are heading out to another Advanced Cerec training course. Last week they worked to refine techniques. This week they are learning more about designing new smiles for our patients who don’t like their front teeth. They are both excited to come...

New Years Resolution

Five New Year Goals for a Healthier Mouth √ Schedule a Dental Appointment √ Commit to Flossing √ Cut Back on Sugar √ Kick the Habit √ Eat More Mouth-Healthy Food What are some of your New Year...

Happy Holidays

Our Team and their families had a Magical Holiday Celebration last weekend! We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holiday Season !